Surfing in Sumba Island

Surfing in Sumba IslandBeing on Sumba you can experience one of the world's more challenging surfing waves close to the hotel. Kerewe, Marosi andDasang are beaches facing south intothe Indian Ocean and therefore the surf is very consistent.You will be a forerunner for those spots that still few people have discovered.

Located in the Lesser Sunda Island chain in Southeast Indonesia, just a hair east of Bali, Sumba is a beautiful island with a rich cultural tradition, and is home to world class waves. Not highly accessible, it's not on everyone's hit list. As with other surf destinations in Indonesia, it is blessed with great surf much of the year, particularly April through October.


Nihiwatu is a destination for surfers to bring their partners or families and do whatever they want in style and serious comfort. Nihiwatu is situated on one of the premier lefts in Indonesia, and the resort restricts the number of surfers booked into the resort to only 9 at any one time.

There is no doubt that Nihiwatu is one of the top waves in Indonesia and the world. The professional surfers who have visited Nihiwatu over the years have attested to this. There have been several surf movies made here with the arraignment of the owners and with the agreement that the filmmakers and photographers would not name the location.

Many professional surfers have visited Nihiwatu over the years and several surf movies have been filmed here featuring the 1999 world surfing champion Mark Occhilupo. If you are seeking large double overhead surf the best times are during the months of May through October on the full and new moons. In between those times we often have perfect waves in the three to six foot range